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Experience the ultimate in precision and comfort with BD Micro-Fine Plus syringes. These disposable medical devices are designed for the subcutaneous administration of medication, making them ideal for the treatment of diabetes.

Each syringe features a clear, easy-to-read cylinder for accurate medication measurement, as well as an integrated, high-quality needle that has been electropolished and coated with an anti-friction layer for increased durability and comfort during injection. The plunger is protected by a cap, and the needle is safeguarded by a needle guard.

Made in the United States, each box of BD Micro-Fine Plus syringes contains 100 units, ensuring you have a reliable supply on hand for your medical needs.

If you order 10 units, we will ship one sterile sealed bag with 10 BD MicroFine Plus 30G 0.5ml U100 syringes with needles.

Product features

  • Disposable,
  • Sterile,
  • With safety cap,
  • Transparent cylinder,
  • Clear compartment,
  • Integrated, durable needle,
  • Needle that reduces pain during injection.

Technical specifications

  • Capacity: 0.5 ml,
  • Scale: U-100,
  • Needle dimensions: 30G (0.3 x 8 mm),
  • Cylinder material: polypropylene.
BD Micro Fine Plus 0.5ml Needle U100 30G 8mm x 100 BD Micro Fine Plus 0.5ml U100 ...

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