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Lumifil Max with Lidocaine is expertly crafted for maximum volume enhancement, providing natural-looking results with improved comfort. Designed to address significant volume loss and sculpt facial contours, this filler offers precise augmentation and rejuvenation.

Tailored for maximal volume enhancement, Lumifil Max with Lidocaine delivers exceptional effectiveness in enhancing facial volume and restoring youthful fullness. With Lidocaine incorporated into the formulation, it ensures enhanced comfort during the injection process, minimizing discomfort and optimizing patient satisfaction.

Each syringe contains 1.1ml of product, providing practitioners with ample material to achieve optimal volume enhancement. Compatible with 30G needles and 25G cannulas, Lumifil Max with Lidocaine offers versatility and ease of use for practitioners.

Experience the transformative effects of Lumifil Max with Lidocaine, the go-to choice for practitioners seeking optimal results in maximal volume enhancement with enhanced patient comfort.

Lumifil MAX with Lidocaine

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