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Nucleofill 20, also known as Nucleofill Medium, represents a significant advancement in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, offering a bio-revitalizing treatment that leverages the power of active polynucleotides. This innovative product is specially designed for skin renewal and bio-structuring, not intended for volume enhancement but for rejuvenating the skin at a cellular level. Nucleofill 20 acts on three critical aspects of skin health: lifting, providing powerful antioxidant action, and delivering long-term hydration.

The treatment’s efficacy stems from its ability to stimulate cell renewal effectively, offering a preventive and long-lasting approach to maintaining skin vitality. By activating receptors on skin fibroblasts, it transforms them into myofibroblasts, stimulating the production of type I collagen and elastin. This results in a noticeable thickening and lifting of the skin. Additionally, its antioxidant properties help trap free radicals, while its ability to bind to water molecules ensures deep, isosmotic hydration of the extracellular matrix, enhancing the skin’s firmness and hydration.

Nucleofill 20 is suitable for skin subjected to oxidative stress, dehydration, and those looking to improve elasticity and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Its formulation, free from sugars and proteins, minimizes the risk of allergies, making it a safe choice for all skin types, regardless of maturity. The product promises visible rejuvenation without altering facial features, reducing wrinkles and creases, and firming the skin.


  • Contents: 1.5 ml
  • Formulation: Polynucleotide gel at 2.5%
  • Application Areas: Suitable for skin subject to oxidative stress, dehydration, stretch marks, and scars
  • Benefits:
    • Lifting effect and stimulation of collagen and elastin production
    • Powerful antioxidant action to trap free radicals
    • Long-term hydration for improved skin firmness
  • Recommended Use: Compatible with a mesotherapy protocol, not intended for volume enhancement
  • Manufacturer: PromoItalia
Nucleofill 20 1 x 1ml Skin Booster Nucleofill 20 (Medium) –...

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