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Regenovue Fine Plus is expertly formulated for the correction of fine lines, offering precision and natural-looking results. Crafted to address subtle signs of aging, this filler provides exceptional smoothness and efficacy in delicate areas like perioral lines and crow’s feet.

Tailored for fine line correction, Regenovue Fine Plus offers a meticulous approach to rejuvenating the skin, delivering subtle yet noticeable improvements. With its non-Lidocaine formulation, it ensures comfort for patients with sensitivity to anesthetics, allowing for a pleasant treatment experience.

Each syringe contains 1.1ml of product, providing practitioners with ample material to achieve precise results. Compatible with 30G needles and 25G cannulas, Regenovue Fine Plus offers versatility and ease of use for practitioners.

Experience the subtle yet transformative effects of Regenovue Fine Plus, the go-to choice for practitioners seeking optimal results in fine line correction and facial rejuvenation.

Buy Regenovue Fine Plus (1.1ml) Regenovue Fine Plus (1.1ml)

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