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Elevate your aesthetic practice with Revs Pro 32, the cutting-edge injectable skin booster designed to redefine hydration and revitalization. Engineered with a precise blend of 32mg high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HA), this advanced formula penetrates deeply into the dermis, delivering unparalleled moisture replenishment and cellular rejuvenation.

Targeting skin laxity and enhancing tissue quality, Revs Pro 32 offers a sophisticated solution for aesthetic practitioners seeking to address firmness and radiance concerns in their clients. By nourishing dermal cells and stimulating collagen synthesis, this transformative product restores skin integrity, particularly in complex areas such as the malar and submalar regions of the face.

Experience the versatility and efficacy of Revs Pro 32 in your clinic, whether administered via 5-point injections or micro-injections. With a smoother application process and remarkable outcomes, this CPNP registered mesotherapy treatment sets a new standard for safety and effectiveness in professional skincare protocols.


  • 64mg HA content
  • 32mg high molecular weight HA
  • 32mg low molecular weight HA
  • 2ml syringe (Needles not included)
  • Results last 6 to 9 months, possibly up to one year
  • Injection points: 5-point injection each side of the face, 0.2ml per injection point.
Revs Pro 32 Skin Booster 1x2ml Revs Pro 32 Skin Booster

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